• Headphones for TV while on exercise bike (wireless)

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  • My husband rides his bike on a trainer in front of the TV in the winter. In order to hear it over the wheel/trainer noise, he cranks the TV volume up. Thus, I can hear it everywhere else in the house.

    I'm looking for a set of wireless headphones that will be reasonably comfortable while exercising, which probably means not the big hamburger bun size. Earbuds? Any ideas?

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    Question by mollyavalon

I use a set of on-the-ear, behind-the-head Bluetooth headphones for running and cycling, and love them. I find that behind-the-head is very stable while working out, not liable to fall out like earbuds or fall off like heavy headphones.

I currently have a cheap Insignia pair, but other models may fit you better.

Answer by blueluck

I bought a pair of on-the-ear behind-the-head headphones to wear in the gym so I didn't have to suffer their canned music choices. They are the Sony DRBT21G and they are fantastic. I've since bought 2 more pairs as gifts. However, have a look on eBay for them; Amazon have, unforgivably, hiked the UK price from £16.54 in 2008 to £73.89 today. The fabric slipover covers are removable and of a standard size so cheap to replace, though I've only had to replace them once in 3 years of pretty constant use. Terrific range, comfortable, decent sound quality, don't lose their Bluetooth pairing - super headphones.

Answer by Steve Clark

These answers lead me to another question. Really? Bluetooth with the TV? How does that work? Sounds like a good idea.

Answer by mollyavalon

This... http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004DP6WW8 ... LG Mobile HBS-700 Stereo Bluetooth Headset

I've messed with bluetooth headset for years and this is the first I'm completely happy with. Good sound, long battery life, distinct easy controls for each function, and comfortable since no weight is resting on your earbones. Can also take calls with the push of a button and callers always hear me fine. And notice the earbuds stow into the yellow end cap and secured by magnets. Freaking awesome - had mine 2 days and it's the best electronic purchase I've made in a long time.

Answer by walt

I have used a few pairs of headphones for working out and I find that the best ones are the Jaybird Bluetooth earbuds. You can buy them online or at Best Buy and they are about 100 bucks. The sound is great, they stay in your ear and last for about 6 hours and they are very comfortable.

Answer by joeg679

I use a pair of Rocketfish RF-MAB2 headphones from Best Buy. I use these daily in high volume environments and while running outdoors. They provide decent sound quality for their price (about $60) and have lasted the past ten months - longer than any set of headphones I've owned. I don't recommend their earbud style headphones, however. I found themto be exceedingly uncomfortable.


Also, keep in mind that you'll need a Bluetooth transmitter for the tv.

Answer by andy sloan

Sennheisser makes several good models

I have the Sennheisser RS 180 - a little expensive, but they go right down the line RS 170, RS 160, RS 150 etc. They go down to about $50 or so if you buy the RS 110 or RS 120s.

They are all good and they have really nice fidelity - some are even surround sound.

Answer by moon
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