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  • I am about to install a new air conditioning system in my home, and in the process, I am going to replace the air filter on my HVAC system. One option is a HEPA filter that costs nearly $1500! I don't mind the cost if it is worth it and makes a big difference in  air quality.

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    Question by k2theiely

In our last house, the air return ”system” was full of holes. Gaps in ducting, unsealed joints, filters not in a well-fitting box frame. Based on that, I’d say put energy/work into making sure the input (return) to your furnace system is tight so that all the air going into it actually gets from where you want it taken and it all passes through a good filter.

The 3M Filtrete filters are pretty dang good and a lot cheaper than active HEPA systems – with a lot less maintenance too. I’d avoid fancy HEPA systems unless you have a compelling health reason to pursue those.

Answer by Wayne Ruffner
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