• ID holder for display and use (swiping for entry)

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  • Hello, I am working at a job that requires me to display my ID along with two other cards for access to specified areas (3 different swipe cards in all. They offer a very flimsy carry case with a cord and I am hoping for something more stylish (leather or aluminum), durable and practical for every day use. If I do not find a recommendation, I may have to invent one!

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    Question by mathewsj

I use this. It allows me to quickly remove my cards yet they are still able to be accessed by the contact reader.


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Answer by neverdarktan

Saddleback Leather's smallest wallet ("Leather ID Wallet") may be perfect. I use it as my primary wallet (license, four cards, and cash), and it is very easy to remove the license, and the front cards in each of the compartments. (There's no plastic in the ID pocket - just a window you can push your card through.) Plus, it'll last forever.

If you need to display the ID card all the time (rather than "on demand") than this wouldn't work at all.


Answer by eric

We use Baumgarten's BAU 68110 ID holder. Not exactly a "case" but they work great.

Answer by robdew

Check these products out. I use the Dual Sided Smart Card Holder w/Detachable Lanyard for my DoD credentials.


Answer by scooby doo
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