I also haven't used this guy, but here, in short, is what the guys at Toolmonger said:

(For their complete answers, search for "dual saw" at toolmonger dot com.)

  • Cuts okay, with surprisingly clean edges.

  • Incredibly noisy.

  • When cutting metal, throws large, hot chips in two directions.

  • Depth of cut is limited to 1" with 5" blades (so it can't cut framing lumber in one pass.)

  • Cuts a very wide kerf (no mention of how wide though.)

  • Jerks unpredictably in both directions.

  • Possibly no better than a 5' angle grinder (which does pull, but only in in a predictable direction.)

  • Possibly made by a company that got many BBB complaints under its previous name, Infusion Brands International.

  • Doesn't come with a cutting guide, so out of the box you have to cut free hand.

  • Accessories and blades are expensive.

Hope that helps!

Answer by kokothetalkingape

For light work an inexpensive one will serve you well and anything that Home Depot sells should work well. If you need the extra power from the grinder, there are many to choose from online which will serve your purpose.

http://www.5stardealreviews.com/best-cordless-angle-grinders-reviews/ Good luck.

Answer by mybestdegrace

I think you're best bet is to walk into a hardware store that specializes in power tools and get the most knowledgeable guy in the joint to assist you. I've been kind of looking for the same thing and found that angle grinders will give you the type of power you've always dreamed up with power up to 11000 RPM. http://bestanglegrinder.net/getting-your-hands-on-the-best-cordless-angle-grinder/

Answer by markd
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