• Is there a better recycling bin?

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  • (This was submitted by Paul Beard)

    I want a recycling can/bin with a non-flat lid, so people can no longer pile things on top of it. I'm sure you see the problem. People see a full bin but realize they can gently add one more thing by putting it on top of the can and as long as it doesn't knock anything off, it's fine with them. Leaving the lid off is no better: people just pile things to overflowing.

    I'm sure I could empty it each day or prevail on someone else to take a turn but that's hasn't worked very well. The round cans with the flap openings aren't really big enough for some items and that means they will just end up on the floor next to the bin. So ideally, something diameter of a street trash can, but maybe half the height, with non-flat lid.

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    Question by Oliver Hulland

I have come up with a partial solution, using a trash can with a handle on the lid that should discourage the reverse Jenga effect, where people try to add things without knocking over the pile. Also a smaller can that makes emptying it easier seems to be helping.

But other suggestions are welcome.

Answer by paulbeard

My dream kitchen/pantry has 4 trash compactors; one for garbage, and 3 for recycling. ;-)

Answer by dave367

I used some old sheets and cord to sew large bags that tie shut--different colors for different types of recycling--blue for glass, print for paper, yellow for tin cans, green for aluminium cans.( Old pillow cases would work, too.) I hang them in the garage on hooks on a piece of pegboard. The mice don't get into them and it's much easier to empty them at the recycling depot.

Answer by ali_in_eburg

Yes, yes there is. IKEA, naturally, has done it.


With this, since you stack them, there is no "on top".

I don't like emptying those, though.

My personal favorites are these, though they're MUCH more expensive:


No top, thus no stacking. And, you can use regular bags for it.

Answer by courtney ostaff
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