• Is there a good introductory book on nanotechnology?

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  • I'm interested in learning the basics of nanotechnology, in particular, how nano-scale materials are constructed. What kinds of equipment are used? How are samples evaluated? etc. Does anyone have any recommendations?

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    Question by Bill Horvath II
Answer by michaelfairley

Nanotechnology by far is a insanely complex science, borderline artform. I have two recommendations for books which you can find as pdf downloads around the place:

Title: Nano, The Essentials, Understanding Nanoscience and Nanotechnology By: T Paradeep Published: Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing, New Delhi

Title: Nano-Engineering in Science and Technology, An introduction to the world of Nano-Design By: Michael Rieth Published: World Scientific

The first book appears to touch on all points of 'nano' in some depth, however the second book does a really good job at explaining what is happening on the atomic level. Both books thus, talk about the machinery and applications of nanotech, but obviously there is no way they could tell you how to manufacture nanotech. Honestly though, it is simply a watch-in-awe kind of science as actually doing anything in nanotech is technically impossible without serious financial backing (and a degree :P)

Answer by epic_builtenv

The book that really worked for me, although an older tome, now, was K. Eric Drexler's "Engines of Creation, The Coming Age of Nanotechnology".

In this volume, unlike some of his subsequent publications, Drexler gives a clear, and easy to understand background for Nanotech.

Drexler takes great pains to discuss both the benefits and (rather scary) possible negative side-effects of nanotechnology.

I've purchased this book six or seven times, and passed it on to others, in hopes of kicking around the ideas therein... but it's never been returned.

Clearly, I find this book worth reading, and have read it many times.

Answer by rikscott

Nanotechnology for Dummies??

I haven't read it, but the Dummies series books are generally good starter books.

Answer by moon
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