• Is there a tv mount that will pull out from the wall and lower, as in front of a fireplace?

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  • I know I saw a tv mount that would allow for a TV to be mounted over a fireplace, which could be pulled outward from the wall and then downward for a better viewing angle. But I've searched the Internet and cannot find one. It was on either DIY or HGTV on that new products show out of Las Vegas, maybe???

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    Question by deargeorgia

this isn't a direct answer to your question, but i'd advise against storing a tv above a fireplace if the fireplace is used. though most of the soot goes up through the chimney, there might be a chance that there is build up on and in the TV over time; secondly, the heat that is put off from a roaring fire is certainly not good for electronics. but hey - it's all up to you.

a website for you to take a gander at is www dnyamic mounting dot (com)

Answer by smoothness
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