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  • I need a solid laundry cart / portable hamper. It needs to hold, say, two big towels and a week's worth of clothes and be able to be dragged/pushed two blocks of not so smooth sidewalks.

    I've looked at the Caddy Concepts Condo and Dorm, but am a bit skeptical of durability. Anyone?


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    Question by john_osqa

Here is one I like


Answer by tke248


It doesn't roll, but it holds a prodigious amount of laundry and you can sling it over your shoulder. And you can still see where you're stepping, unlike a laundry basket.

Answer by margreet

Here are three:




I got the last one, since it was only $13. I also got the matching casters for a few bucks. It isn't extremely sturdy. The velcro holding the bag to the frame sometimes comes loose under heavy loads, and once one of the caster axles bent. But it was easy to bend back, and neither is a big problem. But I live in an apartment building, and I just have to go downstairs in an elevator.

The second one might be the best bet. They are usually called shopping carts, and lots of places sell them, including Target.

Answer by kokothetalkingape

If you live in a house and have a yard cart for that reason, you could use it as a laundry cart and shopping cart. (You'd need to wash it out with a hose or put your laundry bag in a black plastic garbage bag, to protect it from dirt.) (But, if you live in a house, you probably have a washing machine.) Anyway, here's a link to Suncast's wonderful $31 yard cart:


Answer by roger knights
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