• Least expensive (but competent) scanning service for docs?

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  • Hi -- I have about 500-100 pages of documents. Mostly 8-1/2 x 11, some legal and some size A4 and A5. I have a scanner (got the Fujitsu from a recommendation here!) but would love to find a service that would scan all these docs for me. Kevin recommended a great service (or two) IIRC, for services that scan photos and negatives and the like and that was great. But a service to scan paper work (which I may or may not need at some point, but for which I’d love to clear the space it currently takes) would be great. It doesn’t have to be a service that would make adobe readable PDF’s, though that would be nice; I could just have batches scanned by year and if I ever had to reference them could go back to the year needed.

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    Question by dexm

Hi -THis-This one


from Fujistu is not cheap (about $250), but it works very well, allows for a variety of scanning outcomes (OCR, PDF, etc.), duplex, etc. and can handle about 10-20 pages (thickness of paper counts) at a time. I've used it for about two years with no problem. Hope this helps. Neil

Answer by neiljsalkind

How many can you scan in fifteen minutes? Take that number, multiply by four, and give it a cost you'd be willing to pay. Then, hire a HS student to do it. Employ locally.

Answer by christopher

If you already have a Fuji ScanSnap, then as Christopher said, just hire a local student to come to your place and do the scanning by the hour. You could do 100-500 pages in several hours since they can load a whole stack all at once. There is no skill involved other than putting the files in the folder you want.

Answer by kevin kelly
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