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  • By the way I love your cool tools site. I also gave away several copies of your tool bible.

    I searched your site for anything related to lightning bulbs but found nothing. A friend gave me a magazine clipping for something called: Bolt Buster - when lightning strikes a simple bottle save the day by Curtis Rist but I can find nothing on the net about it.

    Would love to see what you have to review because I too lost a treadmill to lightning.





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    Question by rmavrovich

Treadmills being killed by lightning or surges seems to actually be a thing. The instructions do tell you to use a good surge protector. That is going to stop most damage. Pay attention when you buy, they normally give coverage for the protected equipment up to some value for a certain number of years. The parts in the protector that absorb the surge really only can block so much before they become useless. Best bet if you think you may have an issue is replace when that guarantee expires.
This isn’t really for a direct lighting strike though, an actual strike that hits your power line, and comes down the line to your equipment, can blow out everything, and possibly burn your house down or kill you. The standard recommendation for lightning storms is to unplug your equipment, but most people don’t, because in most places it’s a low likelihood event.

Answer by kevinrs

Lightning rods that have weak connections to ground are considered worse than none so they should be inspected annually at least. It would be a good idea, as with installing boat batteries, to use dielectric grease on the connections. Check with your insurance company for their opinion. Check with your hydro company or electrician about the push in connectors used for hydro lines – i believe they have sealing ends and waterproofing compound in them. I am by no means an expert but this is relevant information I remember reading when I was considering installing some and when looking up protecting my travel trailer batteries. Check with your local building inspection department and fire department for their requirements.

The answer above about surge protection is very valid. Check with an electrician about whole home surge protection as well. I bought a belkin surge protector 12 years ago and it died protecting my entertainment products and it was replaced with a brand new one. I cannot remember if I had to send the old one back,I think not but if I did it went by cheapest rate. The original cost maybe half again what the cheaper ones did but they had no warranty and three of them have died before the belkin. If I were to install a whole home surge unit I would consider having a spare yo mimimize downtime in case of a strike taking it off line.

Answer by bmill
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