• Looking for a keyfinder for purse lining - no latch

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  • I'm in search of a single key finder to affix to the lining of a handbag. I would like it to be more like an elegant hook so one could easily put on and take off their key ring without having to press a latch. I'm envisioning something like an oversized bobby pin where the base is wider to accommodate the key ring while the top makes contact to secure the keychain in place.

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    Question by ellie

Here's a long slim hook for keys. It attaches to your keys rather than your bag, but otherwise should work similarly. You'd be able to move from bag to bag easily too. Use it with belts & pockets too. (I guess it wouldn't work with all bags, but I've inadequately studied the great panorama of Ladies' accoutrement - I'm still working on understanding the ladies themselves.)

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Answer by wayne ruffner

I found something that more closely matches your desire. It's a clip hook (which you don't want), but it affixes to any bag pretty much anywhere. Though it pierces the bag, it may not be ideal for leather, etc., but it's closer to what you're looking for.

Answer by wayne ruffner
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