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  • My favorite local comic book shop is closing. I haven't had luck with the other shop in town, so I would like to start getting my comic subscriptions by mail order! What company can you recommend? I don't need, but want things like: weekly delivery, bags and boards, free/cheap shipping, and "pay as you go" options.

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    Question by becca

We live in a rural area, and local comic book shops are hard to find. My husband has compromised by contacting the owner of one that's about an hour away. Once a month, the owner sends out a list of new & recommended back list items, and my husband returns the email with his subscription. When it's convenient for my husband, he stops by the shop.

This and this might be helpful.

Answer by courtney ostaff

One source that I have used is Things from another world, TFAW. I suspect that if you order more than one issue at a time you will amortize the shipping very quickly. Plus, they do seem to have everything--big names and independents.

Answer by michaeldennis

Thanks for the suggestions. I already go to TFAW (I live in Portland and go to their flagship store right next to the Dark Horse offices!). I was looking for something with free shipping, a better discount (theirs is 10%), or bags and boards (they don't do either).

Answer by becca
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