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  • I've got a large MP3 collection on a big fast drive, and I copy big pieces of it to a smaller capacity microSD card in my phone. Copying folders onesy-twosey is a time draining pain...

    Is anyone aware of a tool that'll allow me to mark folders throughout my collection  - and then (when marking's complete) copy those folders to my phone's directory in a single operation?

    Even better would be something that will save these "check marks" and allow me to uncheck/remove folders and add new ones for a phone-refresh session down the road for longer term management. Maybe even save those choices for more than one destination device, too?

    (I'm using Win7/8, btw, but others may want to know about any such software.)

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    Question by Wayne Ruffner

The only app I know that would do this is the dreaded iTunes app. It sucks by all reports but you could add your collection to it and then add albums or just songs to a playlist and check that playlist when you sync. You mentioned an SD card so obviously you don’t have an iPhone, but there must be something similar for other phones’ OSes.

Answer by laral

Media Monkey is a great alternative to iTunes and has selective sync capability. 

Answer by brownit

Mediamonkey is the answer to almost anything dealing with managing large music files.  If you can’t figure out how to do what you want just do a search on what you want including mediamonkey in the search and then sort out what posts match what you want to do.  It has probably already been done by someone with mediamonkey.

Answer by richsnook1
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