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  • We've got a few kinds of micro-fiber cloths - cheap cleaning versions and differently woven (at least) little pieces for spectacles. Either is great for pulling dust & fingerprints off screens, keyboards, cell phones & tablets.

    I wonder if there are different grades of these materials available from somewhere that you've had good experience with?

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    Question by Wayne Ruffner

There are more types of microfiber towels than you could ever imagine!  I got into this when researching which towels to buy to care for my new car a few years ago.  I eventually settled on a few different types sold by Microfiber Tech (www.microfibertech.com).  They have excellent quality materials and excellent pricing too!  If the ones I bought from them ever wear out (so far they look and feel brand new) I’ll definitely be heading back to them for more.

Answer by tonydi

You know who is fanatical about microfiber?  Auto detailers.   

I mostly buy mine in bulk at Costco or Sams, but Reddit’s /r/Autodetailing has a wiki section that lists various kinds and uses for microfiber. [link]   The folks at TheRagCompany.Com seem to be the current supplier of choice for the picky, TRC’s website lists all kinds of cloth and suggested uses  — from firearms cleaning to pet care.  

Answer by jwkc

I know this is an old thread; but, here’s my favorite: Perfectly Streak Free

I found this at an ”As Seen On TV” store a few years back. After using it for a while, I went back and bought a bunch for friends and coworkers.

It’s not a fuzzy terrycloth-style cloth. It almost looks and feels like construction paper at first. You soak it with water, then wring it out as much as you can. At that point, it works wonders! I use it on glass, plastic, metal, anything. It’s great for smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other electronics. In fact, it usually does better than commercial screen-cleaning products—it practically polishes.

You don’t add any cleaner; just use the moistened cloth. When it gets too dirty to clean effectively, just wash it and start over.

I need to buy another big batch to give as gifts.

Answer by smithersjr
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