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  • I need a new pair of eyeglasses soon, preferably affordable (not more than $300), stylish (I wear thick rimmed black plastic glasses now, but I would really a prefer a pair mad of something unusual like wood, or aluminum). I looked at urban spectacles, but they dont list prices, and I have a feeling they will be out of my price range.

    Any suggestions for where I should buy them from?

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    Question by henryjenkins

Not sure if you're into the retro '50's look, but take a browse at: www.shuron.com

You can buy the frames separately and have an optician fit you with the proper Rx. Most shops frown on this practice as that is how they make their profit. Hugh mark ups on designer frames.

The Shuron people are great to talk to over the phone for product questions. They are a full service lab and can fill your Rx.

Standard disclaimers apply. Not affiliated with Shuron.

Answer by gryhze

If you don't mind pretending you spent more than you did get some for $10 or so at http://www.zennioptical.com/ .

Answer by chunk

zennioptical.com - very inexpensive, so you can buy multiple pairs if you feel like it. warbyparker.com - Not quite as cheap as Zenni, but still pretty cheap, and you can order 5 pairs of frames to try on at home before you decide.

Answer by mollyavalon

I am pleased with the service/product from http://www.framesemporium.com I have made only one order from this source.

Answer by thurstonbt

First, watch this. I buy glasses as infrequently as possible, myself, but then again I'm kind of anti-fashion. I do buy them from a local optical shop.

Answer by caostaff

Really!! Then I suggest you to go for contact lens heaven where you will find a wide variety of sunglasses of different brand and they are affordable too, in fact much less than what your budget is. You will get the best deals and offers as well.

Answer by lioneladams

Most Costcos have an optical department. I just got a pair of glasses with flexible titanium frames, ultrathin high-index plastic lenses with Transitions (they darken in sunlight) and an anti-reflective coating for $260, including the eye exam and sales tax. My last pair of glasses from a big chain store (Eyemasters) was $360 for the same thing without the coatings!

Answer by Captain Packrat
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