• samsung galaxy ace plus- scratched and blurred back camera lens

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  • Where can i find a replacement for my scratched camera lens cover? I've been using the phone for almost a year and the camera lens is kind of blurred, like it's lost its glossiness and smoothness or i've used very fine sanpaper on it. If i had to look through the lense, the vision would be quite unclear. I think this blurriness could be caused by really little and shallow scratches. I'm not sure if this can be fixed or polished away with a paste. But if someone knows a way i would be so so grateful if they share. for now i think that the only possibility to fix this is if i replace the lense but i don'know from where to buy a new one and i cannot find anything.Should i contact with samsung tech repairs? Would they be able to help me? I dont even know from where to start and there's nothing on the internet. please someone help me with this. I would be really really grateful. thanks in advance :))

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    Question by petty

Good watchmakers buff scratches out of watch crystals (the big clear window). There are crystal polishing kits available online. I just watched a video where a guy fixed up an old watch, and he did it quickly with a Dremel and a polishing kit.

Maybe your lens can benefit by this treatment?

Answer by wayne ruffner
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