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  • I have three single-cup coffee filters. Each consists of a cone of a nylon-feeling fabric, attached to a flat plastic rim, with a hole for hanging. After years of use they are quite dark with coffee oils. I would love to be able to replace them, or failing that find a solution to cleaning them. I have tried searching online to no avail. Thanks in advance.

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    Question by applebart

Check the Puro Caff thread, especially the comments section. As a result of those comments, I tried OxyClean on some stuff and, poof!, it's all brand-new.

Answer by wayne ruffner

Chatsford Coffee Filter, Item Code: 286195, Price: £4.00 http://www.whittard.co.uk/equipment/tea_and_coffee_accessories/chatsford_coffee_filter.htm. This works, rinses out easily, and is coffee coloured, so that the stains do not show.

Answer by Ellis Weinberger
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