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  • I have a Patagonia Duffel bag with a stuck zipper. It isn't stuck with material in the teeth. The zipper is plastic but looks as if it has corroded a bit and has seized. What is the best way to unstick this zipper?

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    Question by alex giedt

I had great success with badly stuck zippers (showing a apparent corrosion) soaking the zipper in Coca Cola.

Answer by dag

If you can get it moving, try working in candle wax (rub a candle along the zipper) and move the tag back and forth. Good luck!

Answer by lduvall

If the zipper is jammed closed to an end, try using a pair of pliers to remove the zipper stops on one side. With some luck and patience, you can pull that side completely off through the slider, reset the zipper, and then replace the zipper stops.

Answer by mrgripe

A bar of soap would do a similar job to candle wax. Rub the bar along the zipper for lubrication.

Also try visiting a shoemaker. They can stitch a new zipper replacing your old one. They usually have these brutal stitching machines that handle most materials quite easily.

Answer by ik_

WD40 works on zippers too, but if stuck near the bottom it could be worthwhile cutting away the zipper stops to free it, then oversewing (with button thread) from the end to the newly-made stop.

Answer by shodatin
Answer by roger knights
Answer by roger knights

u can try not gettin it stuck

Answer by igt

Rubbing beeswax on the zipper will help lubricate it.

You can find beeswax at any sewing supply shop (and probably the sewing aisle at Walmart/Target/Kmart/etc). It's also useful to strengthen and stiffen thread when sewing (draw the thread through the wax) and to lubricate sticky drawers.

Answer by Captain Packrat
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