The Razor AirGo Pogo Sticks are quite good. They have an integrated pneumatic shock absorber and pump. As such they can be adjusted for the pogoer's weight and the degree of bounce desired. They are seriously overbuilt and finished in high quality chrome. The handles fold away for compact storage or transport.

We had two for many years. Not a spot of rust or wear. But my son is all grown up, and I found we were doing less pogoing than before so I reluctantly let them go at a recent yard sale.

Alas, I think they are discontinued, but you can find them on eBay. Razor sells another pogo stick model that uses an integral spring, but I have no experience with that model.

Answer by richardl

I searched for ”super pogo sticks” on Amazon and got 24 hits. The Amazon search-results page is at

Answer by roger knights
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