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  • My daughter has back problems and is struggling to carry her backpack to school. She'd like to find a bag with wheels on the bottom she can use, but her locker at school is only 5"x12"x35". I haven't found one that thin. Do you have any thoughts or ideas?

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    Question by carltd

My sister bought an LL Bean wheeled kids bag for my niece, and she wouldn’t use it. I don’t think it would collapse to 8 inches, though. I’ll see if I can find out.

An alternate recommendation would be to buy a serious small backpack with a wide, padded belt. There are a lot of manufacturers, such as North Face or Lowe Alpine or REI. The trick to using these is to get it on your back, then pull on the shoulder strap adjustments to get it high on your back, aligning the belt to the right spot. Then you buckle the belt and tighten it. Finally, you gently release the shoulder straps transferring the weight to your hipbones so that the shoulders are just keeping the load from falling backwards. This is how backpackers use backpacks. It’s all about weight into your hips, not your shoulders. I have one pack that has a non-padded belt, and it’s almost as good, but a bit less comfortable.

Answer by cedarcreek
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