• Tweak or replace new laptop touchpad?

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  • My new company computer, while otherwise really good, has the new touchpad style with integrated buttons (that are part of the mouse area too).  It's Synaptics, Win 7.

    The non-button-using double-click area of the thing is really small, right in the center. The touchpad is pretty big and the whole palm-rest area is pretty flat & smooth - my fingers are usually not right at the sweet spot, my eyes on the screen, and double-clicking usually doesn't work as a result and it makes using the whole computer really frustrating.

    Add to that that I'm usually in the field, actually using it on my knees as a well-named "laptop". So using a mouse is not at all a good solution.

    Any ideas on making the whole touchpad respond to double-clicks? Or other solution? It's driving me nuts...

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    Question by Wayne Ruffner

Enabling ”tap to click” doesn’t make the whole pad active?

Answer by rkt88edmo

The ”tap to click” feature 1) is active, just with a really small area in the center of the pad, and 2) isn’t something the Synaptics mouse properties box offers anyway. It’s just on.

Answer by Wayne Ruffner

I use a Logitech Trackman, a trackball style mouse that can sit up on the laptop itself and is rugged enough for in field work. My 2 year old son has dropped mine several times without causing any issues. 

Answer by onearmedgraphics

Duplicate post

Answer by onearmedgraphics
  1. Sounds like the trackpad isn’t working as designed. Check for driver upgrades if you haven’t. Also make sure ”double-click” isn’t set to require two fingers tapping, not just one.
  2. No joy? Call the manufacturer and tell their support staff that the live (also called ”focus”) area of the trackpad needs to expanded to cover a larger area.
  3. Last option — I do not recommend this but it can be done. Carefully dissemble your laptop. Remove the trackpad. Install a new one that has the hardware buttons you desire. Look for one that is as close to the same dimensions as your other one. Install drivers. Test.
  4. Good luck!
Answer by kkdub
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