• Well Water contains sand/silt

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  • We recently had difficulties with our well water so we went to a submersible pump (one horsepower). Since then, we have notice quite a bit of sand/silt in the water. It has diminished since the new pump was installed but still continues. We have a whole house filter which keeps getting clogged every day.

    Does anyone have a suggestion that would help this issue?

    Thanks so much.

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    Question by zooeybelle

I have a couple of Rusco Spin-Down filters on two different wells that solve the problem of silt/sand nicely.


You can find them on Amazon, too – about $60, but much better than constantly replacing filters. Be careful with the flush valve at the bottom of the collection cylinder – it’s fragile. I broke one and wound up buying a whole new unit as the cheapest way to get the new part.

Answer by milo

I recommend a ”spin down filter” being plumbed in before the cartridge filter to minimize clogging. Lowe’s sells one, item #25699 for around $32.

Answer by casey
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