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    What can we do to improve the site?

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    Oliver Hulland

    Editor, Cool Tools

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    Question by Oliver Hulland

I'd like to know why people don't cast votes for answers.


Answer by christopher

Another suggestion: Make commenters "subscribe" by default--don't make them opt in. This would lead to deeper discussions--and I don't think anyone would really object.

Answer by roger knights

A third suggestion--stop abbreviating the years. Every time I see something like Jan 05 '12 I have to stop and translate that into 2012. Don't make me think! (Ask a bunch of other people about this if what I say sounds idiosyncratic.)

Answer by roger knights

4: Fix the Ask FAQ so it doesn't stretch beyond the right margin (when viewed on my Mac), which makes it hard to read. Printing it out doesn't help either, because the material beyond the right margin gets chopped off.

Answer by roger knights

After I submitted a tool, I got an e-mail containing this sentence:

"If you used the "Submit a Tool" form to contact us for another reason, please send an email to editor@cool-tools.org instead, so that we can get back to you sooner."

Why not put that info at the head of the Submission form?

Answer by roger knights

In the left sidebar under the heading CATEGORIES, there are two classes of items. I think they should be grouped together by class and separated by a blank line. Categories in the smaller class are "para"-tool related, and include: Related Stuff, Announcements, Dead Tools (maybe), Readers' Gifts, Tips, Source Wanted, and Uncategorized.

PS--My second suggestion above--"Make commenters "subscribe" by default" is moot, I now realize. I'm new on this site.

Answer by roger knights

Add a button to the Suggest a Tool form: "Is This a Tip?" If clicked, turn off the inquiry boxes about Model Number and URL. And, to encourage Tips, include the word Tip in the title.

Alternatively, provide a separate tip submission form.

Answer by roger knights

Use slashes instead of hyphens as date-format separator characters. E.g., use 04/15/14, not 04-15-14. According to an official international standard (which I read about 20-some years ago), hyphens are reserved for use with the yr-mo-da format. The idea is that this will disambiguate dates in that format from others.

Answer by roger knights
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