• What is the best Air gun?

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  • What's the best deal for an air gun? Don't know much about them but willing to learn. Model and brand?

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    Question by kevin kelly

This is really too broad to answer. What do you want to do with it? Learn basic marksmanship? Pest control? Hunt small game? Do you want to be able to shoot rapidly (need gas powered) or are you OK with hand-pumping? Pistol or rifle?

I would suggest wandering the airgun aisle at a sporting goods superstore and getting a sense of what is out there. Dick's and Academy Sports typically have a huge selection where I live.

In very general terms, there are two clases of airguns. Low end ones made by companies like Daisy and Crosman which are designed for kids and adults who want to spend less than $100. The higher end ones by companies like RWS, Gamo, etc are more expensive but typically more accurate, reliable, and powerful.

Answer by sertorius

Sertokrius, you ask some good questions, but I am too ignorant to even answer them at the moment. I've never owned a gun, so part of it is to become familiar with guns. But to add more specificity, let's say I want it for varmmit control.

Answer by kevin kelly
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