• What is the best general introduction to computers for kids?

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  • I'm a professional computer technician, and my 10 year old son is interested in apprenticing with me. He's learned a lot watching over my shoulder, asking questions and getting some hands-on experience with discarded computers. However, I'd like to have a good basic primer he can read to get the big picture as to how computer hardware and software work. Looking for recommendations for books or websites.

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    Question by stgilbert

He should just talk to me for a half-hour. He'll take up a plumbing or electricial trade, and never be outsourced.


Answer by christopher

With regard to hardware I'd have defer to others but when you get to the point where he's ready to try some programming (at 10 he is definitely old enough to give this a whirl) it is hard to beat python as a starting language.

Good resources include:

Slightly more advanced or faster-paced:

The trend over recent years is to start instruction in programming in a "higher-level" language like Python and then (if needed) learn a more complex "lower-level" languages like C-family/Java/PHP/etc.

Answer by sean
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