• What's the best lamp for light-therapy?

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  • I've seen lots of these available, but it's hard to separate marketing jargon from actual content, and the reviews I've seen haven't been informative or helpful.

    Can anyone recommend something?

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    Question by noirin plunkett

http://www.psycheducation.org/depression/LightDark.htm http://www.psycheducation.org/depression/LightTherapy.htm

start here. this is a great site for the basics about light therapy for for a variety of different treatments. I use the dawn light simulator http://sunraintime.com/ and it broke my depression in 5 days. ymmv

Answer by lightbright


My wife, a Coloradoan in Pittsburgh, swears by hers. It was recommended by a psychologist friend and she's had a great experience with it.

Answer by avartabedian

Many sources for light-therapy boxes. Every so often I will google "10,000 lux light therapy," as I am a psychiatrist and recommend light therapy for patients with some regularity in the Fall and Winter. What I generally recommend and what I use when I want that morning hormonal cascade bright light brings, is simple and cheap: A single or twin 500 watt halogen work-light, placed by the bed at an appropriate distance, on a timer and used as the morning alarm, then left on in your proximity for about 20 minutes. I know of no light that mimics the sun more closely, is more than bright enough and feels like you're at the beach on a sunny day. Treat with respect.

Answer by t meacham

I'd been looking for one for quite a while, all along being shocked at the price and footprint of them. My husband found this one on Amazon and bought it for me. I've been very pleased. Good price, small footprint, seems to work. This is the happiest I've been through the winter solstice in quite some time.


Answer by akhw

I am very happy with the Phillips GoLite Blu, which I purchased from Costco. Opinions seem to vary whether the spectrum of the lamp matters, or whether it is simply the amount of light.

www.fullspectrumsolutions.com carries some ridiculously overpriced lamps, in my opinion, but the hidden gem in the site is another, less expensive alternative - very bright 4 ft fluorescent tubes with high color rendering index. This can be much less expensive, especially if you already have a fixture (shop light or other, ideally 4 tube capacity). Example 1 and 2. I have these in my office and I am very happy. They feel very bright (in comparison, my 300 watt halogen torchiere seems like a flashlight with dying batteries), and any lack of brightness (relative to a dedicated lamp) is offset by the fact that they are on all day.

One thing I have become aware of (through the GoLite manual) is the idea of being careful when you use them... I try to switch over to my halogen lamp around 4pm because I feel like the intense brightness of the daylight balanced lamps would confuse my brain if I left them on until six or six-thirty pm, potentially mucking up my bedtime.

Answer by taylor

I also use a Golite by Apollo health, I'm not sure if is the same as a Philips one. It is very effective but was very expensive when I bought it about 5 years ago, around 250€. http://www.sad-lighting.co.uk/info/GoLite-P1-from-Apollo.jpg

Answer by fossfor
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