• What's the best laptop case (independent of a bag) for someone travelling abroad?

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  • My girlfriend is about to leave to go abroad for 8-months to do public health research in Nepal and Bangladesh, and she wants/needs to take her 13" Macbook Pro into the field. What's the best lightweight protective case that can be incorporated into a larger suitcase/backpack, and still provide protection and other added functionality (organization, storage, etc)?

    I have used an Incase Neoprene cover before, but feel like they are lacking in protection and mostly protect from scratches. I have also tried the Tom Bihn Brain Horizontal Brain Cell, and while it provides a significant amount of protection it's a bit too bulky to really incorporate into a lighter weight travel setup. Is there something that offers a little less protection, but is a bit more packable?

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    Question by Oliver Hulland

If the laptop is to be in another bag most of the time, then you are really looking mostly for impact protection. I was going to recommend the brain cell, but if this is too large, then options might be something made from an impact-responsive material such as D3O. Tech21 (UK-based) do some that might be worth looking at - both a D3O-based nylon wrap and a leather sleeve with air cushions. I have not used either, but I have a D3O cellphone case and it seems to work (I have butterfingers).

Answer by alan17

I use the Booq Vyper for my 15" MBP and love it. Fits well into my messenger bag or can be used to carry the laptop by itself (though it does not itself have a strap).

Answer by josh simons

I have been carrying laptops overseas for years - often multiple trips per year. I gave up on dedicated laptop bags and these days go exclusively with a small day pack! WONDERFUL! Now the one additional "upgrade" is to go to a netbook! On my last trip I didn't want to risk my laptop, so I went out and got a netbook, and it is GREAT! In the future, on non-work trips I will most likely take the netbook, but regardless of what I go with, it will go in a backpack!

Answer by lduvall
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