• Where can I find a simple, solidly built, pocket watch?

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  • I know it's an anachronism, but I can't help but be curious about what it would be like to own a really nice, well made pocket watch. I wear a tweed vest (just as much for function as for fashion) to work most days, and I would love to find a pocket watch to boot.

    I'm less interested in antiques as I am in something that is simple, affordable, and over built.

    Any suggestions?

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    Question by Oliver Hulland

I have had the Swiss Army pocket watch for over 15 years. Very basic watch, quartz (battery) with no cover. Stainless case with scratch resistant crystal. Sadly, it seems to be discontinued. Amazon ha a couple of used ones on their site here. Good luck!

Answer by touche turtle

I clicked on the pocketwatch link in the post (from my RSS feed) and created an account specifically to recommend the Swiss Army pocket watch -- and then discovered the only other post here recommended the same. It's a great watch and I'm sure it will suit your purposes well. There should be some used ones floating around on Ebay too.

Answer by alex

I don't have any experience with it, but Garrett Wade sells this watch, which looks simple and fairly solid.

Answer by qckbrnfx

Check out Princetonwatches.com They have them. Good company too. http://www.princetonwatches.com/shop/PXD198.asp

Or the Patek Philippe vintage watches on ebay are drool worthy and will work forever. You do have $6-$10K to spend, right? :-O

Answer by card r

I have had good luck with the Charles-Hubert pocket watches. They're in production, under $100, and keep good time. Available from Amazon, and a bunch of specialty sellers.

Answer by lensman

You can still get jeans with a watch pocket. I'm still very satisfied with my Bulova that I bought thirty years ago.

I found one working pocket watch in the batch my grandfather had that also seems to keep good time.

Answer by tudza

I emphatically recommend Bertucci field watches - they are very understated and classic-looking, but are built like tanks. I work in a chemistry lab, and every other watch I've ever owned quickly becomes spotted from solvents dissolving cheap plastic watch faces... these can take lots of abuse. For the features, they're also relatively affordable (just over $100)

Answer by mrnlegato

I love my Victorinox Swiss Army Watch! Fits in the watch pocket of my jeans, and is very durable (I have destroyed a number of cheaper pocket watches). But...it looks like you will have to buy one used now!

Answer by cafiorello

Try Tissot ( http://www.tissot.ch ) They have a range of pocket watches. I haven't had one of their pocket watches but I am very happy with their bottom of the range mechanical automatic wrist watch.

Answer by johns

Try Tissot ( http://www.tissot.ch ) They have a range of pocket watches. I haven't tried their pocket watches but I am very happy with one their inexpensive mechanical automatic wrist watches.

Answer by johns

The sporting goods giant,"Cabela's", actually offers a VERY GOOD pocket watch. Two year battery life,water resistant to 150 feet,mineral glass crystal, and comes with a braided leather "chain". Simple. very easy to read face, and the silver finish is available in "chrome" or "sandblasted silver". It retails, from Cabela's for only $79.95! (cabelas.com)

Answer by flybinder

I've got a Maratec Pilot's watch. It's a 56mm face, it's kinda huge. But it's got a solid crystal face. I've caught, snagged, smashed, dropped, and stepped on it and there isn't a single scratch on it.

It's pricey at $200, but it's about the best watch I've ever owned.

http://countycomm.com/maratacpilotlarge.html big size http://countycomm.com/maratacpilotmid.html Mid size

Answer by robdake

There are a lot of $20 and less pocket watches available. (I've seen them for as little as $7) A simple google search will bring many to the front. However a higher quality watch might suit you better. They run $100 or more though, so a cheap watch that works might be best if all you need is something that works and you are willing to replace it if you break it. The nicer watches can become heirlooms.

Answer by rplatter

I was looking for a simple, unornamented watch, with an easy-to-read face. I picked up a Timex on eBay, and have been very happy with it.

Answer by porkpie

There are simple, relatively cheap pocket watches like this one. You can also check the Swatch line.

They are not very traditional, though.

Answer by pamar

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Answer by lindseyaguiar
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