• Why was the CritterZone review from 9/8 removed?

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  • On Sunday, a review of the CritterZone Pet Air Purifier was run on the Cool Tools blog (I still have it in my news reader), but now the URL for it on is a 404 and I cannot find any search results for CritterZone.

    Why was this deleted?

    Was this product fraudulent or found to have other bad reviews?

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    Question by j_l_w

This review was posted sooner than planned. I have over a month of reviews scheduled. It will be published soon. Sorry for the confusion. If we ever unrecommend a review we will leave it up and make a note about why we no longer recommend it.

Answer by Mark Frauenfelder

I noticed that it was removed as well. I wonder if it's because of the negative reviews on Amazon that suggest the CritterZone is an ozone generator? The company denies it:

The CritterZone isn’t an ozone generator or ionizer. It reactivates indoor air by creating active ingredients that give the air the ability to clean itself, the same way outdoor air does using energy from the sun.

Those active ingredients launch chemical reactions and break down contaminants. The reactions can give off different odors, depending on what was pre-exisiting in the air, as the air works to clean itself. Some of those reactions will include oxygen being converted to a faint amount of ozone. However, this is far less than the amount that naturally occurs outside.

If you notice a smell initially when you first start running your CritterZone, that's just a sign the machine is working on improving your air quality by breaking down and getting rid of the particles that cause odors.

Answer by dalton

This is really a credibility question for Cool Tools. How can I trust that other articles won't disappear? I'm no longer interested in reading new ones until this can be resolved. It's sad, but it's getting harder to sustain trust the longer we go without an explanation. :-( :-( Perhaps I would be less concerned if I hadn't relied on Cool Tools, both recently to purchase this product, and in the past to purchase others...

Answer by dgou

I’m glad I added this post to my favorites. It’s quite comprehensive and informative. – juegos friv

Answer by janesmith76

Same quiestion, as this is a bit disturbing having just bought the product based on the-now-missing review.

Answer by dgou
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