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  • I'm looking for recommendations for wireless light switches similar to this or this. I'm currently rewiring a house, and would like not to have to run cables to switches in the walls as they are made of masonry. I've searched online but wireless light switches do not seem very common and it's hard to find a clear winner. Ideally, I would like a system that has about 5 - 10 different frequencies.

    If possible, I would like to be able to purchase them in the UK or Ireland, but that is less essential.

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    Question by celenius

I've used the x10 wireless switches... they're often white-labeled as store-brand automation (radio shack, home depot, etc), but they're all the same. The bonus is that you're not tied to using an in-wall switch, and can even control your setup with computer software.

Answer by dusty

X-10 as a protocol seems like a good choice. The quality of the switches is something to pay attention to. I would go with some of the more recognizable names (eg leviton, lutron). My first foray into x10 wireless was with a really el-cheapo brand, and I am not impressed with the quality. Also my cheap x10 light switches did not work well with either CFL bulbs or some of the first LED bulns that I bought.

Answer by gordc

I've been very happy with the switches we have from Lightning Switch. Not only are they wireless, they require no batteries or electricity!

Admittedly, they take some getting use to, but I wouldn't hesitate installing if/when I need additional switches.

Answer by 808dave

Don't us X10 unless you have a fairly small house. It has trouble communicating over any distance and the signal is soaked up by most modern electronics. I wired my last house with it completely and had two circuits that I could never get to work right. It also requires special equipment to talk across phases in your house, and if you have a near neighbor who is using it they will interfere with each other. A better choice would be smart homes Insteon or multiple vendors Zwave equipment. These two web sites are a goo starting point.

Smart Home: http://www.smarthome.com/_/index.aspx

Zwave: http://www.z-wave.com/modules/ZwaveStart/

Answer by rastrahouse

The upgrade to X-10 is Insteon. Many of the devices communicate both wireline and wireless so it creates a very robust network. I use about 20 devices throughout my home (about 3000 sq ft), for switches, outlets, thermostat, etc.

Answer by esemay

sigh Anyone ever wonder what happened to these guys: http://www.flatwireready.com/products/electrical.html

There's a whole story here for an aspiring journalist to run down for Wired.


Answer by christopher

Check out http://www.enocean.com/en/home/

They are wireless, have great range and are also battery less switches which is a big plus. You can connect a Switch to any number of receivers, and each switch is unique.

Answer by patrick
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