21-LED Flashlight


Cheap, super bright torch

This 21-LED flashlight dispenses an impressive amount of light for such a small and inexpensive torch. I find it to be of great use for illuminating a wide area, as it’s not the least bit directional like a laser pointer. If I need to find something under a car seat, this is the flashlight I grab, as it bathes the entire area with a bright white light. Most of all, I really like that it’s so compact. The three AAA batteries fit side by side in a carousel, so the whole flashlight is only about 3.5 inches long. The handle is made out of aluminum, and there’s a sealed rubber push-button switch on the end. It claims to be water and shock resistant, but I haven’t tested this. The light probably won’t outlive (or outperform) something like a Fenix, but hey, it’s only $11! I found it by skimming through JungleCrazy, a web site that lists Amazon deals. I bought three. I’ve been using one of them several times a week for the last nine months. I’m still using the batteries that came with it.

-- M. Schmidt 04/3/08