Acoustitone PRO Hearing Aids


Affordable hearing solution

I have used hearing aids for the past seven years. I initially paid $1600.00 for a set of Siemens inner ear digital hearing aids which worked well, but required constant care and tuning by the audiologist. Worse, there was only a 3 year warranty. After that, warranty costs from aftermarket repair facilities are on average $250.00 and up per year. Frustated by the hype and upon learning that the same hearing aid is sold in other countries for as low as $300.00, I started to search for an alternative.

During my research I found the Acoustitone PRO that was designed by an Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) doctor to be an affordable alternative. I paid $330 from Amazon for a set of two. Overall, they work almost as well as the much more expensive Siemens and other similar types, which are also ridiculously priced. They are FDA registered and Audiologist approved. They are also designed to be simple and rugged. I’ve had these for just over a month, and they have been trouble free. Best of all, they are adjustable for either low or high frequency as well as volume. I highly recommend them if you are as sick of being ripped off by hearing aid companies as I was. At less than a quarter of the cost of other hearing aids I recommend giving them a try.

-- Stephen Young 01/25/11