Agloves Touchscreen Gloves


Conductive gloves

I bought these conductive Agloves soon after getting my first iPhone (not my first touch-screen phone). They are made with conductive silver thread that allow you to use your capacitive touch-screen devices with gloves on. No more freezing fingers while trying to use your phone or tablet/reader!

I haven’t used other conductive gloves, but the Agloves work well and have been an awesome tool as the temperatures start to drop.

The gloves extend over the wrist and fit snugly to keep all heat in. They may not be thick enough to ward away strong chill, but can easily be worn under thicker gloves. Whether you are using them to keep your fingers warm or for hygienic reasons while using public transportation, it’s handy to be able to use your touch-screen devices without pulling your gloves off.

I own the plain, original Agloves. They also make a sports line and a bamboo line. You can purchase the gloves easily on Amazon or the Agloves website. Agloves have been the perfect solution for me. Because they also work with computer trackpads and the Apple Magic Mouse, I hardly take them off throughout the cold mornings.

They are so good that I bought several more pairs for gifts. Hmm, stocking stuffers anyone?

-- Myra Schjelderup 11/11/11