Andis Improved Master Professional Clipper


At home hair trimmer

I’ve kept my hair short for 15 years. My hairline has “matured” to the point where frequent trips to the barbershop are required to keep things in check. I’ve had the same barber for 10 years but a recent house move has turned a 20 minute haircut into a Saturday afternoon excursion. I bought the hair clippers along with a pack of 7 combs. Within minutes of using them I wished I’d made the purchase a long time ago.

It’s easy to cut your own hair. It’s a very similar skill to using a power tool such as a jigsaw. The hardest part is overcoming the fear that you’ll mow a nice bald strip across your head within a seconds of switching it on.

The combs prevent you from cutting hair shorter than their size. The 7 comb pack contains the following: 1/16″ size 0, 1/8″ size1, 1/4″ size 2, 3/8″ size 3, 1/2″ size 4, 3/4″ size 6, 1″ size 8.

The bare clippers can be adjusted between size #000 (1/100″) to size #1 (1/8″). This amount of adjustment can also be applied when the combs are attached. I used all of the combs to gradually get a feel for the clippers. If you just want a #2 all over, it’s as easy as attaching the #2 comb and running the clippers over your head until you have an even cut. It’s a little more work to achieve a fade but I was able to get a decent fade from a #0 (side burns and neck) to #1 (back and sides) to #4 (on top).

I’ve read complaints of them being too heavy and becoming too hot. My experience is that the aluminum construction makes the clippers feel solid without feeling heavy. They do gradually warm up during use but never become hot.

I’m going to miss my old barber but it’s a great to be able to cut your own hair whenever you want and save money too.

-- Mike Lamb 06/24/11

(Note: This replaces the previously reviewed but unrecommended Remington Shortcut. --OH — editors)