Architec Stretch Cooking Band


Roasting rubber bands

I picked up a pack of these medical-grade silicone rubber bands for cooking at my local commissary. They work well for my original intended purpose of trussing chickens. Since they are made out of silicone they are safe up to 600°F and elastic enough to easily stretch around a 5-lb chicken and still hold the wings tight. And they clean up easy for reuse.

What makes them a really cool tool to me is the fact that while they have the elasticity of a similar sized rubber band they don’t degrade like rubber bands. I have had my initial pack for over a year and have found no degradation, the only broken ones were cut. I have used them for many things, lashing together a broken drying rack, bundling together bags, holding mesh filter on a racking cane.

My only complaint would be the price. I found them for $5 a 20-pack at the commissary, though online they sell for $10. For this reason I use them when I need a long term rubber band or when cooking. The rest of the time I just use generic rubber bands scavenged from newspapers and vegetables.

-- Marvin S. 03/7/11