Schlage Keypad Deadbolt

I have had this lock on my front door for three years. The advantages are numerous: one less key on the key ring, illuminated keypad, never lock myself out, easy to give the code to relatives, friends, dog walkers or anyone needing access to your house without you present. But, most importantly, when my wife has to run back in the house to get one last thing, I don’t have to turn the car off so she can use my key.

When the 9-volt battery start to go the keypad blinks, so you don’t end up getting locked out with a dead battery. (It will also accept a key).

-- Steve Haslet  

Schlage Camelot Keypad Deadbolt

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Calslock Portable Door Lock

I have owned this tool for approximately two years. It manually locks an inward opening door. Ideal for travelling, students or anywhere that you would want privacy and security and there is likely to be multiple copies of the door key in circulation. I am on the road most weeks and have been walked in on in several hotel rooms by people with duplicate keys. I did some research and came across portable door locks.
It will not stop a determined attacker, but that is not what it is made for. It stops someone sneaking into your room using a duplicate key or bypassing the lock. A lot of hotel rooms have security chains, but there are videos on the web showing how these can easily be defeated. It also works on doors with no locks, aslong as there is a recess in the door jam where the door catch fits you can use it.

I originally had a similar one to this that I lost. When I went to replace it they had stopped production. I tried having tried several other designs but was never happy, then came across the Calslock one. At the time I purchased they only appeared to be sold on eBay, which worried me, but having purchased one there was very good service and it is an excellent product. (Still on eBay and cheaper than their home page!)

What makes this a cool tool compared to other portable door locks is a combination of things:

– It is a very good design, slim enough to fit doors that have a very tight fit.
– Easy to operate quickly if you need to get out in an emergency.
– Very adjustable from the thinnest cheapest door to thick heavy fire doors, I have yet to come across a door that is outside it’s adjustment range.
– It is very simple, only two large parts so no small fiddly bits to lose or to go wrong.
– Finally it is cheap, only $9.95, including free postage in USA on eBay or $12.95 direct.
I have no affiliation with Calslock, but whole heartedly recommend their product.

-- Graham Simpson  

Calslock Portable Door Lock

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Manufactured by Calslock

Kwikset Smartkey

I installed this lockset system on my last property, and love it so much, I’ll never use another. You can re-key an entire house literally as fast as you can walk from door to door! For landlords, this is dream: a tenant moves out, you “change the locks” and the next folks feel secure because they have a new key. The system works with both knobs and deadbolts, so there’s only a single key to the entire house. You pay a bit more up front, but you never have to change the hardware or call a locksmith for an expensive house call!

To re-key, you put in the existing key and give it a quarter-turn. Then, stick the special Kwikset Smart Key tool into the little hole next to the lock’s keyhole. Remove the first key and stick in the new key, remove the tool, and you’re golden! You have to have the working key to re-key, so security is maintained.

Here’s a hint: When you buy a quantity of these locksets, be sure that the lock serial numbers on top of the box DO NOT match. You pick a key from one of the sets, and have dupes made from that. Match the rest of the sets to this key. File the rest away — that way, you have your next master key ready when you want to change the locks.

-- Doug Barnard  

Kwikset Smart Security System
Juno Entry Knob and Single Cylinder Deadbolt

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Manufactured by Kwikset