Bel-Art Autoclave Gloves


Hot science mitts

I’ve always thought that autoclave gloves would be tremendously useful tools in the kitchen despite only ever using them in the lab.

For one thing, almost all oven mitts are just that; mitts. They’re unwieldy and often so thin you can’t pick things up for more than a couple seconds before the heat passes through the material.

Autoclave gloves also allow for a vastly greater degree of articulation. They come in pairs and have individual fingers. And they stand up to heat (up to 450 F, or 100F more than the Ove Glove) really well, too. I’ve picked things up that were fresh out of the autoclave, so just a step below boiling, and even though I was holding a one liter glass flask full of completely scalding water, it was a good ten to fifteen seconds before the heat coming through the gloves started to get anywhere near uncomfortable. And unlike the previously reviewed Ove Glove these autoclave gloves protect your forearm as well.

My point is that these gloves are perfectly made for grabbing things out of the oven without having to worry about fumbling the pan because you didn’t get a good grip with the mittens or because it got so hot you had to set it down immediately.

-- Chevan C. 11/8/11

(Note: These gloves are NOT waterproof. --OH — editors)