Anti-chafing, lubricant stick

As a cyclist and triathlete, I’ve been a fan of products like Chamois Butt’R for years, but it was only last year I stumbled across BodyGlide in a giant bin in the Triathlon section of SportsBasement. In a matter of weeks, I went from interested to addicted. It’s simple stuff you just apply anywhere you have rubbing issues: your netherbits, nipples, wrists, ankles, cankles, armpits or pretty much any other body part prone to chaffing, scraping, or friction. For triathletes, it’s great to put on the neck and shoulders to keep your wetsuit from chafing. I also smear it on my wrists and ankles to help me get out of my suit faster in that first transition. I even put it on the outside of my wetsuit at the ankles to make it nice and slippery. Cyclists can use it like chamois butter (although I’m not sure it’s good for your chamois like a traditional creme) and for runners it’s great for the inner thigh (or if you’re prone to bloody nipples. Naturally, it’s great for hiking and backpacking as well. There are even versions with sunscreen and analgesics to cover multiple bases. Just don’t share it, okay? That’s totally grody.

-- Mathew Honan 07/9/08