Boom Noise Cancelling Headset


Noise-removing headset for phones

The Boom uses noise cancellation technology to allow you to clearly communicate even if you are calling from the noisiest of places. For example, this headset is now widely used on rambunctious stock market trading floors. I was blown away when I tested this with a friend. His voice came through clearly even though he was in a room with the stereo and television blasting away so loudly he couldn’t hear his own voice. The clarity of his voice on my side was perfect.

The headset comes with two jack cables: one for standard cell phones and another for Nokia cell phones which have a slightly different jack. In addition, purchased separately, you can obtain a jack cable that connects directly to a computer “mini” microphone input and audio output. That’s probably how the folks on Wall Street connect their Boom headsets in. The delightful headset stays snug even on heads as misshapen as mine. The wire-embedded-in-plastic design means the headset can truly be molded and adjusted… something that can not be done with other headsets.

When you are finished the boom fits nicely into any shirt pocket. A very cool feature is that the Boom ear piece unit is attached by a clever magnetic clip… so you can quickly detach and swing the earpiece unit around to attach it so it works for the opposite ear.

-- Dan Dubno 04/28/04