Bose SoundLink


Big sound on the road

I’m a roadie who gets to visit “home” on the weekends. My fairly new Bose SoundLink, though, let’s me turn any hotel room into a thoroughly music-infused space. That helps a lot…

This thing has both Bluetooth and a 3.5mm stereo jack on the back. It’s pretty small, has a good battery and a wall-wart transformer (the package I got from Costco also has a cigarette-lighter cord).

It’s not a lightweight little thing and it really packs a punch. It’s really easy to have it (way) too loud in a hotel room. Try that, Jambox.

I plug in my Sansa Clip. Or I play stuff off my phone. Or it plays audio from my tablet, or “replaces” the crappy speakers on my laptop. The sound is surprisingly good at every volume level, and as I said, it can get really loud if you want it to be.

And it’s no trick to operate, it’s very easy to set up.

(Now if I can just find a player that takes microSDXC cards and had Bluetooth too!)

For me, this SoundLink replaces something major from home that I’ve been missing.

-- Wayne Ruffner 06/10/13