Bulk Cedar Planks (Seconds Grade) for Grilling


Create delicious tasting grilled food for less

I have grilled with “seconds” grade cedar planks for about 8 years. You soak the planks for a few hours and lay the fish skin down onto the planks. A large piece of fish may require two planks. The moisture in the soaked plank steam-cooks the fish during the first phase of cooking and then as the plank dries out it begins to char and smoke. This combination of cooking methods gives grilled fish a nice tender steamed texture and also a great smokey flavor.

I now grill fish more often and get many compliments on the flavor. “Seconds” grade cedar planks have small chips or knots so they are quite a bit less expensive than regular planks. I have never had these cosmetic defects affect the performance of the plank or the taste of my food. The planks I use are available on Amazon but you can also order bulk planks from other sellers online.

-- Rob Ray 08/7/17