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Slow photography

As photography goes inexorably digital, the old techniques of silver printmaking are resurging in popularity, particularly for collectors. This is the best magazine (in print, with resolution to match) dedicated to artists, both new and established, who work primarily in glorious black and white. It is geared for those, even of modest means, who would like to own a fine, handmade print.

-- KK 04/9/04


Richard Garrod
"Leaves and Log, Oregon," 1981. Silver gelatin


Edward [Weston's] photographs of sand dunes, and especially the nudes of Charis in the sand, are so prominent in the history of Twentieth Century photography, and they are so strongly identified with Edward, that most people believe he made them first and that Brett [his son] followed. But that's not the case. Brett began to photograph the dunes in 1932--two years before his father--because he was taken there by his brother Chandler, who had already made photographs there himself.


"Underwater Nude," 1980; "Car Abstraction," c. 1980s; "Shore Line, Hawaii," c.1980s; all by Brett Weston.