Call for Submissions

We want to hear from you again. Tell us about a book you’ve read, a website you’ve visited, or a hand tool you’ve been using. It might be something that’s opened up possibilities, introduced a new skill set, helped you make something, in any realm of your life.

Specifically we’ve had inquiries about the following:

What’s the best guide to internet radio? A site, blog or forum where various internet radio stations are reviewed, compared, and recommended. Not just listings of links.

Have you used Shapeways and do you recommend them?

Have you used both Black & Decker’s Ready Wrench and Sears’ Dogbone Wrench, and can you compare them?

What’s the best compact/folding shovel?

What’s the best lightweight/packable down jacket?

Collapsible silicon colander?

Best book/website on seed saving?

Best guide to barefoot running?

What’s the best introductory video site for learning origami?

Have you used and can you recommend the Travel Mate?