Dead Tools

img 12/9/03

Global Rhythm

Magazine for world music

img 12/8/03

Google Answers

Your own personal researcher

img 12/8/03

Crank Brothers Multi-17

Compact multi-tool for bikes

img 11/17/03

Petzl Myo 5 Headlamp

Serious hands-free night lighting

img 10/28/03

Plastic Comb Binder

At home book binding

img 10/21/03

Rolling Scissors

Perfect for cutting rolls

img 10/16/03


Tracking the sales of items on Amazon

img 09/16/03

Jeweler Screwdrivers

Small is beautiful

img 08/15/03

Bates 924 Boots

Rugged, lightweight go-everywhere boots

img 07/16/03

Maya Wrap Baby Sling

Elegant, compact, cheap alternative to a stroller

img 06/26/03

Thera Cane


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