Ceramic Sculpting Tools


Sculpting in the kitchen

I bought one of these large sculpting tools (used in ceramics for ribboning, fleshing, etc.) years ago and it hasn’t left my kitchen. I found mine at one of the big box craft stores, but you can find one at Kemper as well. The ovoid blade is fantastic for deseeding and deveining peppers (like jalapeños), hollowing out eggplant and cucumbers. And it’s become my go-to tool for pumpkin carving.

— Benjamin Ellison

I had forgotten just how useful my box full of ceramics tools has proven over the years, with some of the most useful and kitchen-friendly including the following:
Wire clay cutter that is great for cutting large cakes.
Cleanup tool that works better than most potato peelers at getting eyes out of potatoes.
Finishing rubber which I use to clean up flour-cemented surfaces and is similar to the previously reviewed Norpro Deluxe Scraper.

— Oliver Hulland