Cool Tools 2013 Holiday Gift Guide: Last Minute Ideas

Here’s the final installment in our 2013 series of gift guides. This time: last minute gift ideas! (Previous gift guide posts: Low Cost Tools, Beautiful Books, Mark’s picks, Kevin’s picks.)

Proxxon Mini Saws For my work building models and automata, I own two Proxxon miniature power tools, and they are both amazing. Not amazing for their size; just plain amazing. Chop Saw $198 | Table Saw $360

SwiMP3 The SwiMP3 consists of swim goggles with an MP3 player using headphones that rest flat on the cheek bones, between your ears and your eyes, so that you hear the music through bone conduction rather than through your ears. $125

Dewalt Random Orbital Sander Random-orbital sanders spin as circles within circles, leaving little discernible pattern of abrasion on the work. The round hook-and-loop paper is magic. These disks securely attachment and detach in a second, and don’t slip. $52

Fiskars PowerGear Bypass Lopper If you think a pruning saw can go through a branch like a hot knife through butter, just try these Fiskars! Not as portable as my little folding pruning saws, but oooh the leverage action is sweet and effortless! $36

500Mbs Powerline Ethernet Adapter Kit Extend your home Internet using electrical outlets. These are basically ethernet bridges. I have my cable router plugged in where the cable comes in and the signal is best, then have my wifi and powerline adapters plugged into that router (it has 4 ports). I’ve not had any problem streaming or even sending files between computers. $86

-- Cool Tools