Cool Tools “Show and Tell” Videocast and Podcast 001

Welcome to the first episode of Cool Tools’ Show and Tell podcast! Last week, Kevin and I had a video hangout with Joshua Glenn and Michael Pusateri. We showed each other 18 different things we love, including books, kitchen tools, games, apps, and gadgets.

Since this is a show and tell, I recommend that you watch the YouTube video so you can see the things we talked about. But it’s also available as an audio podcast subscription (Here’s the iTunes subscription link). Finally, you can listen to or download this episode through Soundcloud.

Here are the things we discussed:

What Technology Wants paperback $12

What Technology Wants iPad app $10

Unbored: The Essential Field Guide to Serious Fun $16

The Language of Tolkien’s Middle Earth $9

jDip Free

Munchkin Snack Catcher $8

Krisk Bean Stringer and Slicer $7

Format Match Free

HMDX Audio HX-B440 Cube Bluetooth Alarm Clock $50

Stanley 10 Removable Bin Compartment Deep Professional Organizer

Illuminated Multipower LED Binohead Magnifier $7

WD TV Live Plus Media Player $220

Photon Micro-Light $8

Snark Ukelele Tuner $11

Fisherman Zoom Slimvision Reading Glasses $10

Custom Designed Pocket Ukulele

Piranha Gear Boxing Gloves $26

Wavemaster Freestanding Training Bag $125

-- Mark Frauenfelder