Cool Tools Show & Tell Video Podcast 003

The third episode of our video review show

Welcome to episode 3 of Cool Tools’ Show and Tell podcast! This time, I had a video hangout with:

Brian Heater, the Director of Media and Senior editor for Engadget, where he writes features, covers news and hosts the show and podcast. He’s written for Spin,, The Onion, The New York Press, The Daily Beast, Entertainment weekly, Boing Boing, and elsewhere. His new podcast is called RIYL — and he says “it’s mostly just an excuse to interview people I think are cool.” He lives in Queens with a rabbit who was once featured on Boing Boing.


Sean Michael Ragan, the technical editor for MAKE magazine and a long time contributor to Make’s online and print outlets. He edits the weekly “Toolsday” column online, as well as the Toolbox section of the print magazine.

Brian and Sean showed and talked about eight different tools they love:

Brian’s picks:

Skooba Cable Stable

Slingshot Organizer

Spinner Racks


Sean’s picks:

Vintage Easydriver Ratcheting screwdriver

Vintage Dymo Tapewriter

Solid Titanium soviet surplus crowbar

Full-page adhesive-backed printable mailing labels, used to print templates for all kinds of projects.

Since this is a show and tell, I recommend that you watch the HD resolution video here so you can see the things we talked about. But it’s also available as an audio podcast subscription, as an iTunes subscription or RSS.

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