Cracker Barrel Long Distance Books on Tape


Cheap audio book rentals

My wife and I have discovered an economical source for renting books on tapes or CDs: Cracker Barrel restaurants.You buy a tape or CD at any branch for the full price ($20), and when you are done, you return it to ANY Cracker Barrel restaurant. Hold on to your receipt. They will refund your purchase price minus a weekly fee of about $3. May not work that well for a commute, but for a long car trip, it’s just the thing. Cracker Barrels are usually located along the Interstates, which makes it very convenient to pop in and get a new ‘book’.

-- Juergen Lorenz [also suggested by Travis Allison] 04/28/04

(For more about books on tape, see this earlier review. -- KK — editors)