Cyclone Rake


Leaf solution

I have about an acre of land with a lot of mature oak and hickory trees. They drop a lot of leaves each fall. I got the cyclone rake about 11-years ago, and it is just amazing.  In one full day I can clean the entire property of leaves and be ready for winter. I’ll fill it 40 or so times throughout the day and emptying is reasonable. I make a leaf pile in a back area of the property for compost.

The 5-HP engine pulls the leaves from the mower discharge and grinds them further into small bits. One time using the attachment hose I sucked up a small block of wood with no damage to the impeller. However, there was a minor crack in the housing which I was able to patch with a short bolt and a couple of fender washers. Hickory nuts, sticks, pine cones and leaves get sucked up without issue.

Before it was several days of hard labor hauling load after load in a garden wagon, the cyclone rake was worth every penny.

-- John Dyer 11/18/11